Executive Committee 2013

WDS has three basic functions: mutual support, raising awareness and networking.

  • Members meet on a monthly basis at diplomatic missions across London.
  • Members help each other navigate London's diplomatic circuit, and make special efforts to introduce colleagues to their visiting heads of state and ministers.
  • The group uses its considerable leverage to host the WDS Lecture Series with high profile speakers.
  • A Scholarship has also been established, which brings talented young female diplomats to London on a high-profile attachment programme to encourage more women into the diplomatic profession.
  • Fundraising events raise funds for the Scholarship Programme. These have included a Fashion Show, an International Gala Concert and a Power Walk. Other events are in the pipeline.
  • WDS without Borders - the WDS group has taken its campaign beyond Britain's borders through awareness-raising Regional Trips to member states. Trips generate keen media interest, an effective way to spread the WDS message.
  • Members are committed to forming a Global Network by establishing WDS satellites in their future postings.